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Who I am

I am an accomplished, award-winning designer from Vancouver, Canada, currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I  have developed an interdisciplinary practice specializing in innovative design projects and soft products. I have exhibited my work at SXSW in Austin, at TEI at the MIT Media Lab, and at SIGGRAPH in LA. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University    

Ok, but who am I really?


I am a designer, dreamer and thinker. I am conceptual, curious and goal-oriented by nature. I am a passionate doer, creator, and maker. I believe in design that triggers our senses and stirs our emotions.


I bring imagination and innovation to projects and collaborations. My goal is to bring joy to others through inspiration, beauty and delight. I believe in it’s ok to fail, (sometimes quite often). I strive to create what has never existed before. My favourite question is “what if?”


I believe that the impossible happens when we examine situations and problems from a place of inquiry and wonder. I hope to bring bold optimism and playfulness to the world through my design as well as my actions.


Important note: my name is pronounced [Dan-a],

(as in rhymes with banana). I realize that's unusual. There is also no 'b' in my last name, though many people are tempted to add one (probably because of this). I have many interests which include (and are not limited to) travel by boat, devouring books and tropical fruits, colour, craft, yoga, fashion and jewelry design, animals, museums, architecture, activities that involve being on/under the water, exploring new cities and all things Dutch.

My strength themes, as identified by Tom Rath's book are: 

Input | Ideation | Individualization | Intellection | Achiever



Hopefully that gives you an idea of who I am. 

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