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I am currently seeking new career opportunities and am open to creative new ventures. I specialize in

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations
  • Industrial Design
  • Interactive Exhibitions
  • Soft Product Design.

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Featured Work:


Latest bag designs

Not only was Summer 2013 beautiful and full of adventure, it also marked the release of my latest bag designs for lululemon athletica.

On the left is the Wayfaring Bag, perfect for summer adventuring. Whether you're hitting up outdoor yoga classes or concerts, it's sure to keep your gear safe and your hands free. 

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On the right is a versatile Summer Tote, perfect for yoga or beach gear. It's lightweight and has space for everything you need - in the studio or on the beach. 

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Interactive window display for Nuit Blanche Toronto

This interactive media installation was created for lululemon athletica. Screens, cameras and lights transformed store windows into engaging experiences after hours, creating surprise and delight. Distorted outlines of viewers appeared on screens, both in the store window before them, and also at another location. Participants connected anonymously at either location through the outlines of themselves and of each other. 

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I am currently seeking new career opportunities

and am open to creative new ventures. I specialize in Interdisciplinary Collaborations, Industrial Design, Interactive Exhibitions and Soft Product Design.

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