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Product photos: Wayfaring Bag at Wanderlust

Dana Ramler

Back in July, I promised a Wanderlust recap, and I'm happy to say I have some pictures of my Wayfaring Bag design in action that weekend. It was especially exciting to be using it while I attended this event because Wanderlust Festival  was the exact scenario I had in mind when I designed this bag. 

used mine the whole week I was in Whistler and, though I realize this may sound biased, I loved it. I was lugging around my yoga mat with my shoulder strap, so it was wonderful to be able to wear the bag around my waist to lighten the load. I loved the phone pocket - it's placement on the back panel of the bag meant I could feel the buzz and stay connected all weekend. It was the perfect size, and the interior pockets were perfect for stashing sunscreen, lip gloss, sunglasses and snacks. The best part? When I went through security at the Saturday night concert, the guard complimented my bag!

Here are some pics of my friend Jess rockin' the lilac bag.


Wanderlust ready. Just add shades and malas.

Wanderlust ready. Just add shades and malas.

Wear it around your waist when you don't want anything heavy weighing you down. 

Wear it around your waist when you don't want anything heavy weighing you down. 

Takes you from down dogs to dance parties

Takes you from down dogs to dance parties

Phone pocket is easy-access

Phone pocket is easy-access


Small World Big Dreams + Before I Die, the book.

Dana Ramler

I am very excited to share that the release of the highly anticipated Before I Die book is slated for November 5, 2013. Walls from my Small World Big Dreams event will be included in the book, including photographs and personal stories from the wall organizers. In an interview earlier this year, the folks at St. Martin's Press gave me the amazing opportunity to share the story of this event that connected people all over the world in their creation of Before I Die walls on the same day.

Image Copyright © Candy Chang

Image Copyright © Candy Chang

There are now over 300 Before I Die walls in over 50 countries and over 20 languages. 304 pages long, this inspiring hardcover book will feature countless walls filled with the world's hopes, fears, humour and heartbreak. It is an awe-inspiring "collection of insights into our aspirations from city to city and as a whole, and much more," - beforeidie.cc. Also included in the book are spin-off projects and walls that were inspired by the Before I Die project, including my Gratitude Wall .

The Before I Die book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, so get your copy right away. I just ordered mine today! Only 70 days until November 5! #cantwait

Sample spreads. Image Copyright © Candy Chang

Sample spreads. Image Copyright © Candy Chang

Press: festival bag featured on The Elle Tee

Dana Ramler

Photo by wellshot via The Elle Tee

Photo by wellshot via The Elle Tee

I am fortunate enough to be attending Wanderlust Festival in Whistler this weekend as a volunteer. For those of you who don't know about it, Wanderlust is a festival celebrating yoga, music, art and much more. These four day summits take place all over North America, with more locations being added every year.

I can't wait to practice yoga with international teachers, dance with friends to awesome music, and be in Whistler during the heat of summer. I plan on posting a Wanderlust recap when I return, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share this post I found from yogi/blogger/stylist Lexie of The Elle Tee. She did a post about her go-to Wanderlust outfit that features my festival bag design from this year. She has some really great things to say about it. You can see the whole post here.


image via The Elle Tee. Photos by wellshot

image via The Elle Tee. Photos by wellshot

This festival bag from lululemon athletica sure makes me feel festive. With the many ways to wear it; from cross body to fanny pack, it’ll be my go-to accessory during Wanderlust.
— Lexie, theelletee.com

I'm honoured this bag can be a part of Lexie's Wanderlust journey. Hopefully I see even more of these bags in the village at Wanderlust Whistler. Check back again soon for the recap.

Summer Tote Photo Shoot - Sneak Peek!

Dana Ramler

photo: Brittney Kwasney of Bright Photography

photo: Brittney Kwasney of Bright Photography

This week, my friend Brittney Kwasney of Bright Photography took some time out of her busy schedule to take some product shots of my latest bag design, the Summer Tote. This bag is perfect for taking you from the studio to the beach (or vice versa!) and everywhere between.

photo: Brittney Kwasney of Bright Photography

photo: Brittney Kwasney of Bright Photography

Brittney is an amazing photographer, and was a complete joy to work with.  I can't wait to share the rest of these photos with the world - I'm so happy with how they turned out! In the meantime, you can see drawings and more detailed information about this bag here > 

We also have an upcoming shoot planned for the Wayfaring Bag, so be sure to check back in again soon to see more pictures of these great summer bags in action.

 * A very special thank you goes out to my beautiful model, Nicole Boileau.

Portfolio Update: Summer Bags

Dana Ramler


I'm excited to share an update to my portfolio page. There is now a page for the Wayfaring Bag and Summer Tote that I designed for lululemon athletica. 

On the left is the perfect summer festival bag (as an update to this bag  from last year). Whether you're hitting up outdoor yoga classes  or concerts, it's sure to keep your gear safe and your hands free. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it cross body or around your waist - yogi's choice!


On the right is a versatile summer tote (as an update to this bag from last year). Perfect for yoga or beach gear, it's lightweight and has space for everything you need.


New Festival Bag and Wanderlust Must-Haves

Dana Ramler

Image: lululemon.com ps: I also worked on that mat strap and water bottle! 

Image: lululemon.com

ps: I also worked on that mat strap and water bottle! 

As we get into the full swing of summer, Wanderlust Festival season is upon us. Yogis across North America will be grabbing their mats and heading to the amazing yoga and music festival at one of the many locations in Canada and the US.

The folks at lululemon have put together a blog post about what to pack, and my latest bag design made the list.

This festival bag was designed with events like Wanderlust in mind. Keep your valuables safe and your hands free as you hit up outdoor classes, concerts, lectures, wine tastings, hikes and much more.  

Attending last year's Wanderlust Festival in Whistler was great for research and user-testing. It helped me determine the size, details and essential functionality of this year's bag. The biggest improvements from last year's Festival Bag are the phone pocket, main compartment opening and inner pocketing. 


I can't wait to bring the new version with me to Wanderlust Whistler in August! The biggest problem will be which colour to choose: black, orange or purple?

Check back again soon for a full portfolio spread on the newest Festival Bag. 

To add to Elim's list, I recommend packing along a small journal. World-class teachers are sharing their wisdom with you all day long, and there will be many ah-ha! thoughts that you'll want to jot down. ~ Namaste ~ 

Instagram Love for new tote

Dana Ramler


Over the weekend, lululemon posted a photo of my latest bag design on instagram. That's a lot of likes! This photo does a great job of showcasing how much stuff was designed to fit inside this bag. It's similar to this drawing I made for last year's version of this bag. What's not visible is the snap-out inner bag that's great for holding smaller items like sunglasses, valuables, hair ties and an mp3 player. 

To see more images of the new tote (before it sells out), click here > 

Check bag again soon for a portfolio page.

New Bag Sketches

Dana Ramler


I am currently busy putting together portfolio pages for the new bags I designed that recently hit stores. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the sketches I created when I was dreaming up ideas for the perfect Festival Bag. 

I was especially interested in how to maximize the function of a small, cross-body bag. Expandable compartments and transformable shapes were ideas I started with. The intended fabrics were nylon or polyurethane, with most using the latter only for trim in order to keep the bag lightweight. Key trim details included grosgrain and a wide, colour-blocked webbing.



The final design turned out most like this last sketch here. Check back again for the full portfolio spread coming soon.

These sketches were made using Paper.  

Summer Bags have hit stores

Dana Ramler

images: lululemon.com

images: lululemon.com

Summer is finally here, and so are my latest bag designs for lululemon. On the left is the perfect summer festival bag (as an update to this bag from last year). Whether you're hitting up outdoor yoga classes or concerts, it's sure to keep your gear safe and your hands free. On the right is a versatile tote (as an update to this bag from last year). Perfect for yoga or beach gear, it's lightweight and has secure pockets for everything you need. You can find them both here >

Portfolio page updates coming soon. 

A note from the Universe

Dana Ramler

I subscribe to the TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts community) Notes from the Universe. Each day, I receive an inspiring, encouraging message, tailored to my goals and aspirations. They are almost exactly what I need to hear in that moment. Today's was so perfect that I had to share:

Learning to disassociate your dream's manifestation from the illusions that now surround you, to release yourself from the burden of figuring out the "hows," and to trust what can't be seen, are the high watermarks of creative enlightenment.
Have you ever felt utterly stopped by the not-knowing-how? This often happens to me, especially when I'm going after those big creative dreams, the ones bigger than anything I've done before. So of course, I wouldn't know how, because I've never been there before. And if I'm going to create out-of-this-world experiences, or products that have never existed before (which, by the way, is what I'm really passionate about), there will be no road map as to how. So I'll just have to get comfortable with that feeling of uneasiness, and trust that it must mean I'm on the brink of something really really fantastic.

Thank you Universe, I needed that reminder.

Welcome to my new site!

Dana Ramler

I am extremely proud to be sharing my brand new website with you. I have been working very hard over the winter putting together a fresh new site to showcase the work done at Dana Ramler Design.

I'm especially excited about the new easy-to-navigate format, where you can view projects and find information on every page. I've also added social buttons - find me on LinkedIn, twitter, or email me from the click of a button. My favourite part about the new site? It's mobile compatible! Take me with you on your tablet or smart phone.

I am working to update the blog portion of the site - stay tuned for the launch in the very near future.  I will also be adding projects and updating information regularly so make sure you check back in again soon. In the meantime, as with any new site, there will be updates and tweaks as I work out all the kinks. I appreciate your patience.

Can't find something you're looking for? Drop me a line and let me know, I'd be happy to help. Have comments about the new site? Id love to hear your feedback!

Warm Wishes, Dana


Flotspotting: Soft Product work Featured on Core 77

Dana Ramler

I am thrilled to share that I have been featured on Core 77 today as part of their Flotspotting Series, particularly for my work in soft products. 

...her projects and collaborations hit that sweet spot between thought-provoking conceptual design and the intelligent products for market.
— Teshia Truehaft, core77.com

The article mentions my work on conceptual pieces such as Bio Circuit and {nest}, as well as more practical projects such as the Bandeau Belt and Seasonal Run Accessories for lululemon.